About Us

BIT UNIS Group was established by leaders of TID BIT, a leading company in providing bitcoin miner services founded in 2013 in Boston Massachusetts.

BIT UNIS CORPORATION was established from July 2016 with headquarter in leading financial centers of the US, Newyork city.

In the trend of the world's financial future, electronic money will be one of the means of payment in the world. Electronic currency Bitcoin will be one of the popular electronic money in the future be used to exchange and payment.

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BitUnis Stock

The Group Bit unis will release 2,000,000 shares to dedicate to all the investors of BITUNIS 2016 and 2017. The number of shares worth 30% value of investment properties at the investing time. Internal stock value will fluctuate based on investment and business situation of the Group.

All investors can sell their shares after 3 months to the Group when they are internal shares. Investors can sell a maximum of 20% of held shares per month to the Group.
Investors can sell their stock to other investors through stock exchanges NYSE when the Group officially listed in February 2018.

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Why Choose Us

A Clear Development Plan

has a clear development plan, using the investment fund to develop into a leading corporation in trading and providing bitcoin miner service, bitcoin exchange floor, bitcoin e commerce

Up to 3% Daily Profit

Daily profits of up to 3% / day to have a passive income source. Generate more revenue with referral commissions to guide other investors to Bitunis

Listed on Stock Exchange NYSE

will be officially listed on stock exchange NYSE on Feb 2018. You will have chance to have rewarđe share by BITUNIS if you join today




0.1-2 BTC
Daily Benefit

Direct Commission: 10%

Number of earning day: 100

Principal + Interest: 200%


>2-10 BTC
Daily Benefit

Direct Commission: 12%

Number of earning day: 80

Principal + Interest: 200%


>10 BTC
Daily Benefit

Direct Commission: 12%

Number of earning day: 70

Principal + Interest: 210%

Get interest everyday, including Saturday & Sunday.

Receive direct commission immediately in 24h hour after F1 active investment packages successfully.

How to Invest

Currently many investors from around the world have invested and are investing in Bitunis.
How about you? Are you ready?
If you're ready, please click How to invest to start investing and make profit with Bitunis

Bitcoin is a most popular and valuable electronic currency in the world today. Bitcoin is accepted as a mean of payment by many countries in the world such as the USA, Canada, Australia and some European countries. Currently there are many Bitcoin exchange floors worldwide

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